Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hell is a place where there is no reason

Activism is a subculture of generational youth who descend from the radicals of the 1960’s Peace Movement. Social reform for the equality of all individuals was inevitable in a free democratic society but what is often overlooked is that this happened at the height of the Cold War. The clash of two super powers and two political and philosophical ideologies: Capitalism versus Communism; the USA versus the USSR. The Communists during this time used the social revolution in America to their advantage; agitating civil discord. This was confirmed by former Communist members and convicted agents such as Whittaker Chambers, David Horowitz and the sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Orders were being passed down from Soviet “handlers” like Alexander Feklisov to create civil disturbances by initiating labour strikes, funding radical anti-American groups like the Black Panthers and to encourage anti-war sentiments towards Vietnam where the United States and the USSR were indirectly engaged in battle. The resulting instability left the American people vulnerable to manipulation and Communists went to work pushing reform over the edge by turning the struggle for social justice into an inimical antithetical juxtaposition of moral values and norms. The product of this strategic undertaking was moral degeneracy of an unprecedented scale; casual sex, rampant drug use, pornography and the fall of the American family as an institution. When a culture is undermined like this it begins to walk on wobbly legs, making it easy to be knocked down and Socialists have been trying to deconstruct our society like this so that it can be reconstructed with their radical philosophies.

During the Cold War the American Communist Party broke apart due to inner strife and many members fell off into liberal groups like the Democratic Party. Although no longer a part of the Communist Party (CPUSA), the former and remaining members continued to work alongside each other because they still shared many of the same political ideological goals. The dispersion of former CPUSA members into the liberal culture caused the reformation of the Democratic Party, and this in turn transformed liberalism. The new left is essentially communism being marketed under the name of social-liberalism and has swept across us like a plague spreading like a sick ideological disease. It breeds in universities and its revolutionary thought is indoctrinated into the minds of young generations.

The Marxist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin used to refer to Liberals as “Useful Idiots” because of their ability to be manipulated and turned against their own government under the pretense of social justice. A Marxist-leaning philosopher, Albert Camus, famously stated “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.” This is particularly true about social liberal groups like the Liberal Party of Canada and the Democratic Party of the United States. The foundations for the modern ideologies of these groups are based on communist doctrine but most of today’s liberal supporters are negligently ignorant to this fact and get seduced by its attractive deceptions of “peace” and “justice”. These “Useful Idiots” often come in the form of environmentalists, feminists, human rights activists, anti-war activists and so on. Groups like these often associate with each other because they all share the view that Western Democratic Capitalism is the cause of their problems. To quote Professor Gloria Jean Watkins, a leading academic of the social liberal community, America is a “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy”. Such hateful and repugnant accusations, coming from a female racial minority who has so obviously excelled in the country she condemns, reveals the shadowy communist figure that looms behind the foggy perceptions of social liberalism. These ludicrous claims completely disregard reality and are made not in a struggle for justice but to further political agendas. There are hundreds of women and minorities who have risen to become people of prominence: Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey, Robert L. Johnson, and Hillary Clinton for example. The President of the United States is black, the Secretary of State is a woman, the Ambassador to the UN is a woman and the Secretary of Homeland Security is a woman. African Americans are thriving in the music industry and professional sports, women are excelling in the arts and entertainment industry and Asians and have been very successful in the sciences. If the capitalist, democratic West is so imperialistic and oppressing of all non-white-middle-class peoples, why do people around the world flock to Canada and the US, fleeing from countries that are run by their own people? All of these truths drive home the point that liberal attacks on the government are not really about social justice, but about political radicalism.

All of this ties in with the current issue over the Alberta oil sands, where environmentalists and left wing radicals are aggressively trying to put a stop to its development. From the perspective of a Useful Idiot, there is some validity in being concerned about the environment and social justice because wherever there is industry there is controversy. But Canada surpasses the world in sustainable drilling and mining practices and is leading in the responsibility of private and federal regulatory monitoring. Socially there is more freedom and equal treatment of people than anywhere else in the world. Our society is dependent on oil to survive; we are built around the automobile. If we were to shut down our oil industry (we have the second largest oil reserves in the world) we would have to buy it from other countries, and no other country has as environmentally sustainable or socially equitable practices as we do. So as you can see there are no legitimacy to these claims against our oil industry except for some minor and manageable effects on the proximal environment. Shutting down Canada’s oil industry would destroy our economy and that’s what socialist radicals want; to make capitalist democracy fail.

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