Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Does Islam suck?

This morning I read a disheartening piece written by David Horowitz that sparked thoughts in me about all the issues currently going on in the world: how Pakistan is becoming more hostile, the ridiculous Islamic Heritage Month happening in Canada, the exposed terror plot in Europe, how Marxist socialism has been so destructive to us and so on. Through all of this I found myself drawn to the Ground Zero mosque. It's absurdity is beyond comprehension and the fact that its plans have gone as far as they have is frightening. What planet are we on? I don't recognize this world we are living in. What went so horribly wrong in our society, that this insanity could turn into reality? Does America have a death wish?

The Ground Zero Mosque is to be a cultural bridge between Muslims and non-Muslim Americans. However the vast majority of Americans find it to be triumphal in nature and feel that it is a shrine to those martyrs who struck the crippling blow on America which spearheaded the intensified war to Islamize the West. The originally proposed name for this mosque "Cordoba House" was undeniably insulting; it is derived from the Great Mosque of Cordoba in Spain which before the Islamic conquest of Hispania in 711 was the Cathedral of Cordoba. It is a victory mosque plain and simple, and a brief overview of the Islamic conquests shows that this is a defining characteristic in the tradition of Islam. And yet, the liberal MSM has tried to blur the reality of this by saying it is not a mosque but a "community center" and "prayer room" but by definition that is exactly what a mosque is, they are just using doublespeak to hide the truth. The organizers behind the planning of the Ground Zero mosque have even gone so far as to say that Jews will be welcome there! That would be like saying a Nazi is welcome in a synagogue because despite how the sensitive liberal left likes to turn a deaf ear to Islamic anti-Semitic speech, the Qur'an is obsessed with belittling the Jewish people.

Listen closely now because the next points are imperative in understanding the true intentions of the Muslims who are fighting to build their mosque at ground zero:

1. Imam Rauf, the leader of the project, refuses to relocate the mosque even to another location in NYC. This is a clear sign of the symobolism that the Ground Zero mosque has to the Muslim world: if it can't be built overshadowing the site of a great victory then there is no point in building it at all.

2. Imam Rauf has also indirectly threatened the West, by "predicting" that there will be world-wide violence on a scale greater than that of which followed the Danish publication of Muhammad cartoons. He starkly warned that, "anger will explode in the Muslim world". Click here for a video link of the interview.

3. The project to build this victory mosque overlooking Ground Zero has been disquised as an attempt to bridge the gap and heal the relations between Muslims and non-Muslim Americans. If this were true then Imam Rauf would have immediately backed down and eagerly taken offers to build the Mosque at another location. The fact is this mosque, which hasn't even been built yet, has created a more intense animosity between the two groups. Almost 70% of Americans oppose the mosque being built there so if Muslims were really trying to create a better relationship with non-Muslim Americans, they would already be building it elsewhere. The fact is it is a triumphal victory mosque, meant to be a humiliating display to the world of Islam's suprememcy.

Does Islam Suck?

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