Saturday, October 2, 2010

Late night ramblings

*Greetings. Bad enough that I'm down and out with an awful cold but I'm really pissed with these new terror threats... When does it ever stop?

Islam is no different than that of any other cult. Should the reality behind this sadistic religion be exposed it would no longer be tolerated in Western society. That would be a real setback in the quest for global domination because one of their principle strategies for taking over the West has been to use deception and our own compassionate desire to accommodate against us. The vast majority of non-Muslims (Kafirs) have absolutely no idea what the Koran is about, and Muslims like it that way. They can tell Kafirs whatever they want and excuse the actions of violent Muslims as extremist radicals, saying they're either misguided or are not REAL Muslims. Anyone who questions this or speaks out against it is met with an uproar of hostility from the Muslim community. One is immediately slandered as racist and non Muslims take their side as they don’t want to appear racist and are eager to display their support for multicultural sensitivities.  If they read the Koran or educated themselves about Islamic history and culture they would not be so naive as to journey down that potholed road.

This brings us to another point: Racism? Just what race is Islam? Muslims are well known for calling people racist for opposing Islam, but Islam is not a race; they are a faith made up of many races and pigment. This illustrates how it is all just a game about censorship and control. "He who controls the language, controls the argument."

They also like to quote the Koran out of context so as to mislead those who lack Koranic knowledge. For example the Islamic quote “…persecution is worse than slaughter…” is supposedly a teaching that condemns Muslims from harassing others and therefore the actions of violent Muslims are unjustifiable and do not represent the majority. This is what they want to lead you to believe. Alone and out of context, that quote seems to promote peace, but when brought into full view it soon becomes clear that it is in fact the complete opposite. The full story of the quote is this: 
        Muhammad, operating out of Medina, ordered some of his followers to scout out a caravan that was headed to Mecca during the holy month of Islam. They returned to Muhammad having slaughtered the caravan and plundering its treasures. Muhammad was angry for he only told them to go on a reconnaissance mission, and that it was unholy to kill in during the sacred month. For this he refused to accept his share of the booty. Later (and quite conveniently) Muhammad said that God sent the Angel Gabriel to him and told him it was okay to kill the Meccans during the holy month. Therefore, it was okay for him to accept the spoils of this slaughter. The reason he gave was that the Meccans had been fighting Muhammad's religion and in doing so their persecution of Islam was worse than the Muslims slaughtering them during the holy month. Hence, “persecution is worse than slaughter”. 

Muslims in the West say that Islam should not be represented by the radicals whom they call a minority fringe group. But when you look at the estimated numbers of active terrorists it would appear that it is an understatement to refer to the radical Muslims as a minority. Even modest reports aimed at downplaying the extent of the threat put the numbers of trained members in the hundreds of thousands which is enough to contend with almost any nation’s army. Then there are the passive supporters; Muslims who advocate for, financially support and sympathize with the Islamic Jihad. These are generally estimated to be in the low millions at the least, with no upper limit on the potential amount of numbers in their ranks. There seems to be no part of Islamic culture that isn’t connected with terrorist organizations; even the Muslim Students Association in North America has been accused of terrorist involvement. The MSA operates under the premise that it is building a diverse community for Muslims in the United States and Canada and that its goal is to promote better Muslim values as well as to fight the stigma connecting Muslims to terrorism. “Tolerance is the banner of our outreach” is a slogan that can be found on their website but this could not be farther from the truth. The MSA hosts anti-Semitic events like “Israeli Apartheid Week” as well as the the “Peace… not Prejudice” campaign. There is no apartheid in Israel to begin with; Israel is the only secular, democratic country in a region of over twenty Arab theocratic dictatorships. The Peace not prejudice campaign is ironic because its goal is to debunk the Muslim terrorist stereotype when the MSA itself was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood. 

The Muslim Brotherhood created Hamas and has been repeatedly guilty of funding, corresponding with and volunteering members to various Islamic terrorist efforts. The Muslim Brotherhood has also actively fought against Israel and carried out politically motivated assassinations. Amongst the charges and allegations of raising money that gets laundered off into the hands of terrorists, the FBI has documented proof linking the MSA to terrorism by way of the Muslim Brotherhood found during a raid on a "charity office" that was acting as a front for these activities. With all of this activity going on behind the scenes, yet not really beyond the public eye, liberty-hating, self righteous liberals have abetted the MSA’s anti-Semitic speeches during their Israeli-Apartheid Week. Disruptions of Jewish, Israeli and Conservative events by Muslim students and far left radical students on university campuses are routine. 

We live in an era of universal knowledge and information, where nobody can hide their history and everyone can look into everybody’s backyard so-to-speak. Knowing the MSA was created by the Muslim Brotherhood, the same Muslim Brotherhood who created Hamas, both of whom are responsible for global terrorism, what is it that people aren’t getting? Particularly, campus administrators. 

Muslims in the West campaign strongly that Islam is about peace and tolerance. Further, that the violent texts of the Koran are merely a result of Western mistranslations, misunderstanding and that the Koran can only be properly understood in Arabic. If we threw away our common sense and were to humour Muslims on this point, why would they go on to continue to print and distribute such hateful passages from their Holy Book if that is not the intended message?
If most Muslims do not support terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda, then why after 9/11, did Muslims fill the streets around the world in celebration? If they don’t support terrorism, why is there no outrage in the Muslim community whenever there is a terrorist bombing or when members of their community are revealed to have been plotting attacks? Yet if something remotely critical is said about Islam, they protest and riot. If Muslims honestly don't support Islamic terrorists and are unhappy with the bad reputation they are giving Islam, then they would actively help the West fight terrorism and would not remain silent when atrocious acts of violence are being committed in their name. 

Federal investigations of American mosques have revealed that 4 out of 5 mosques are in favour of implementing Shariah law in the United States. Similarly the greater majority of mosques were also found to be preaching anti-American messages. In Ontario, Canada Muslims fought for and almost won the right to implement Shariah as law in their communities. That in itself should be screaming to Canadians that many Muslims living here do not respect our fundamental Western rights, freedoms or laws and would prefer to live in a patriarchal world of subjugation, like the ones from which they immigrate. When non-Muslims attempt to publicly address the fact that the radicalization of Islam needs to be confronted and stopped, apologists often point out that there has been violence amongst every group of people in the world. They say that Islam is no aberration from human history. This is deception, a perversion of facts, a red herring. There are two fundamental flaws with this argument. Firstly, we are dealing with the present and past wrongdoings don't justify current actions. Secondly, taking into consideration the fact that other groups have been violent in history; no other culture or group of people have so unanimously and incessantly sought the subjugation or destruction over all others since its inception. Islam has risen against the West repeatedly throughout history and their contempt for non-Muslims has not been extinguished. We are once again entering an age of war between our two civilizations and I hope we are up to the challenge.

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