Wednesday, October 6, 2010

News to peruse

 In France:

Islam's reign of terror continues in France today as a blogger is charged with "incitement to religious hatred" for filming his desecration of the Koran. The hypocrisy of these charges go unquestioned while Muslims burn and desecrate Western and American symbols during their bi-yearly rioting in Europe. Police are afraid to apprehend criminals of the Muslim faith because of the backlash they will receive from Muslim communities;  emergency personnel aren't comfortable entering Muslim neighbourhoods without police protection; unveiled women have become open targets for rape. This is France today, this is Europe today.

In Canada:

Canadian bloggers' attentions are currently focused on the continuously developing story of the Department of National Defense and it's relationship with the Islamic Heritage Month. Formerly, immoderate Imam Zijad Delic was invited to make a speech at the National Defense headquarters but intense pressure from the blogging community put a stop to that. Defense Minister Peter MacKay then went so far as to admit that the Canadian Islamic Congress had "extremist views". It is a progressive step forward for Canada to confront radical Islam like this, and a beacon of hope for the West. Unfortunately the issue hasn't resolved and despite the Muslim Canadian Congress supporting the decisions made by MacKay, Muslims who support the CIC are heavily criticizing the Canadian government. An investigation of the Defense Minister MacKay's actions is not what we need, but rather of the person who invited this radical Imam to speak at the DND to begin with.

In the US:

Oops! There goes my presidency... Someone is going to lose their job. Apparently the Obamapolooza, giving a speech to a women’s organization, was subjected to witnessing the fall of his poll numbers and hence his presidency via the Great Seal of the President of the United States when it fell to the floor from the podium lectern. Not that I was ever a particularly big Bush supporter, given his lean to the left in his second term, but the MSM would have had a hay day with this and SNL would be making it a skit this Saturday night.

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