Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome Back Khadr

Romeo Dallaire                                                     Omar Khadr
Former Canadian Soldier,                               Former Al-Qaeda soldier
now a Liberal Senator                                     current Liberal darling

Senator Dallaire has called for the repatriation of Omar Khadr to Canada and suggesting that he be treated as a child soldier reminding Canadians of our obligations internationally and suggesting that our image in the world has suffered as result of not doing so earlier.

So let me see....obligation and image...hmmmmm

My first reaction is,” I can’t believe any serious military man would be a Liberal”, and secondly this man has and continues to be above criticism for his political positions. No one in the media seems to challenge him and I am assuming because of the horrors he witnessed in his capacity of commander of the UN troops in Rwanda or maybe simply because he is a liberal. That, along with his psychological breakdown and suicide attempts no one wants to be seen as uncaring, unsympathetic or ungrateful to a damaged war vet. Well, Bullshit! This is so Canadian it is stomach churning.

If you are going to go public on issues that affect Canadians, their lives and public policy then be prepared for the heat, the fight and the criticism. I don’t know but I would prefer a General more than a social worker down at the municipal welfare office. What kind of Generals are we producing? I want tough as nails with brains Generals not some squishy, touchy feely, multiculti , politically correct guys.

I wonder what the other soldiers have to say who also witnessed the Rwandan barbarity and had to fight it and clean it up afterward? Not a word about them. Has anyone asked any of the other officers and fighting men for their opinions? Do they concur with the General? What of the Belgian soldiers? What are their opinions? Who from that preventable and criminal event has prospered? We Canadians are so polite that we dare not ask the tough questions that need to be asked. We leave that to historians, with time passed no one is harmed, feelings not hurt nor offended. Soo Canadian, kinda maple syrupy

Within Canada, to many, the good General is a hero, a Canadian legend, an iconic Canadian. There are schools named after the man. None in Europe, mind you, and especially not Belgium. Indeed in Belgium he was a wanted man for prosecution of his actions or lack thereof in Rwanda.

From Wikipedia:

[Dallaire has voluntarily avoided travelling to Belgium to testify in a Belgian Senate Commission investigating the deaths of Belgian troops.Belgian authorities have stated that they would seek a penal indictment over his role in the deaths of the Belgian paratroopers. The Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs has also challenged Dallaire's assertions regarding Belgium's role in Rwanda, saying that "...Dallaire was insulting in his comments and whose cowardice was demonstrated by a lack of responsibility when the situation required leadership on his part."

Further, retired Canadian General Lewis MacKenzie has publicly disagreed with Dallaire's decision to place the UN mission ahead of individual soldiers in Rwanda. Dallaire chose to not mount a rescue of the Belgians under his command, and ten Belgian paratroopers were subsequently murdered. That is a considerable burden to carry the rest of your life. Knowing that you personally sent ten of your best soldiers to their death and you could have prevented those murders.]

Senator Romeo Dallaire was eventually found not responsible for the murders of the ten Belgian soldiers in a military court in 1997.

This story is of legend in Canada and if one listens to the CBC and the liberal media this man is a hero. One only needs to ask the families of the Belgians slaughtered if he really is. A General looks after his own and I don’t hear a lot about those who were left to be cut to pieces as their General witnessed and drove by.

There are many articles on the issues but read others for a fuller understanding and avoid the Dallaire book only as it may be seen as self serving. The internet has it covered extensively; ten Belgium paratroopers were murdered by the Rwanda army. A murder that may have been prevented by the General’s intervention to which he refused even after pleads from the Belgian military that were there under his command at the time. The Belgian military left soon after collecting their butchered dead, leaving his command and the country.

This being said, the General now wants to lecture Canadians on being good citizens. He wants Omar Khadr home in Canada, free and with his family. After all he is “a child soldier”. The world has changed and so has Canada, General. The world is a far more cruel and dangerous a place than it was. People are trying to kill us because we are Canadians, General, and one of those people is... or was Omar Khadr.

From Sara Hampson, Globe and Mail:

"In his new book, Mr. Dallaire takes a hard look at the recruitment and coercion of child soldiers (250,000 boys and girls around the world), a phenomenon he has studied for more than 10 years (at Harvard University’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy and at Dalhousie University in Halifax) after encountering some of them in Rwanda. Rather than focusing exclusively on their rehabilitation and reintegration – the picking up of their psychological pieces after the conflict is over – he describes them as a “weapons system,” in an effort to bring about the eradication of their use in the first place. Understanding how they are abducted from their families, equipped with light arms because of their proliferation around the world, and forced through rape, drugs and other abuse to fight when they have no understanding of the complex issues involved should not leave readers in despair, he says rather with a sense of outrage and the need for intervention."

None of the above applies to Omar Khadr. He was born into a religious family of Islamists who believe in the destruction of western civilization. No coercion, no rape, no drugs no abuse. By all accounts a very tight, loving and caring family environment. Omar Khadr was and is an admitted soldier and murderer. Canada and Canadians should not be backing his play or listening to the advice of the good General.

From Ezra Levant:

Khadr admits to replaying the murder in his mind for pleasure. His lawyers admit he needs to be deradicalized. The prosecution’s psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Welner, interviewed Khadr and testified he is a master manipulator, regarded as a jihadist leader. Which raises another question: Why didn’t Khadr’s lawyers bring evidence to rebut Welner’s testimony?

Because they had none. Khadr’s team had two psychologists and a psychiatrist. But it’s hard for medical professionals to pretend a remorseless killer is innocent. So they never took the witness stand.

And again Ezra:

When prison life got Omar Khadr down, he said he would think about how it felt to kill Christopher Speer, the U.S. army medic he murdered in Afghanistan.

Daydreaming about murdering Speer “would make him feel good.” He “felt happy” when he learned that Speer had died.

Khadr said building remote-controlled roadside bombs to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan was “the proudest moment of his life.” He had a special hatred for Jews.

That’s no run-of-the-mill murderer. That’s Russell Williams stuff. It’s Paul Bernardo territory. Normal people would feel remorse or disgust at taking a life. Only psychopaths feel pleasure and re-enact the murderers again and again in their minds.

Let po, po Omar do his time....he did the crime!

It’s really unfortunate that we cannot convince his family join him.

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