Thursday, December 30, 2010

South African Government policy: Whites out/Blacks in

Shame on Canada, Shame on Jason Kenney

The sign on the wall speaks for itself. The signs these lovely ladies carry advocate prison for white folks.
The South African Governments unofficial official policy is to incrementally and purposely remove Whites from the continent. Gradually life in South Africa will become so dangerous for White people that they will flee or parish. They are tourists according to the racist genocidal organization Blackwash.

Clearly the South African Government is a part of the genocide that is being perpetrated by the lack of strong decisive action to control the murderous criminal behaviour of black on white. White citizens are targeted and the response from the Minister responsible for Justice states in parliament that if people don’t like the crime in South Africa they can leave. It is clear to whom he is referring to.

To be fair South Africa is a dangerous place for anyone black or white however the systemic reverse racism practised by blacks both in the government and outside makes for an environment that is extremely dangerous for whites. The following comes from a complaint lodged against the South African Government by an unnamed Boer farmer addressing the tactics of the government to the UN:

According to his analysis, "the ANC started their highly effective clandestine policy of genocide and crimes against humanity through the deliberate implementation and very effective utilisation of extremely high rates of extreme violent crime against white Afrikaner farmers during 1986 whilst still in exile".
When the ANC took power in government in 1994, these attacks were "escalated through deliberate state inaction, state neglect and refusal to act against crime".
Gun laws, which he said made it difficult to own a firearm, had "greatly contributed" to the rapid increase of crimes committed against the Afrikaner.

'Arsenal of genocidal weapons'
It is all an extension of the ANC's armed struggle and its goal was to "remove the white minority from South Africa".
Men were especially being targeted.
The ANC's "very effective arsenal of genocidal weapons" included:

* Incitement by high-ranking government officials through speeches
* Inaction against crime
* Underutilisation of security forces
* Draconian gun laws
* Removal of the rural commando
* The threat of the nationalisation of land
* A proposed media tribunal
* Using former MK soldiers to take the fight to the white community
* The disuse of the police force
* affirmative action

The UN defines genocide as: "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

* killing members of the group
* causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
* deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole in part
* imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group
* forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."

Factors behind it could include conflicts over land, power, security and expressions of group identity such as language, religion and culture; patterns of discrimination, overt justification for discriminatory practices; a history of genocide or human rights violations against a particular group; denial by the perpetrators; references to past human rights violations committed against a possible perpetrator group as justification.

The farmer wrote that a team led by President Jacob Zuma and ANC Youth League president Julius Malema, described as the "Jacob Zuma-Malema team", supported by the South African Communist Party, had the potential to destroy the economy within months if there was no international intervention.

He asked, among other things, that Deng investigate his claims of rape and torture, raise international awareness of them, and commission a study of crime in South Africa.

Comment was not immediately available from the UN's New York office. - Sapa
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* South African rape of both white women and men is the highest in the world. Nowhere is this crime more prevalent. It is a victory dance on the ruins of a submitted people only the people that are responsible for any grievance claims are untouchable or long gone.

Canadian judge knocks claims by SA 'refugee'
Nov 28, 2010 12:00 AM | By SASHNI PATHER
Brandon Carl Huntley's bid for refugee status has been dealt a major blow by a Canadian judge, who ordered the South African to start the process again, from scratch.

BECAUSE I'M WHITE: Would-be refugee Brandon Carl Huntley
Two years ago Huntley, a 32-year-old martial arts fanatic from Cape Town, asked to be granted asylum as a refugee from South Africa where, he said, he faced fear, discrimination, harassment and possible death because of his race.

Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board granted Huntley's application last August after finding him a credible witness.

But his application was appealed by the Canadian government and this week Judge James Russell of the Canadian Federal Court quashed the board's decision, saying it was badly flawed.
Huntley had claimed he was attacked by black South Africans on "at least six or seven occasions" because of his white skin - but did not report any of the alleged attacks to police.

Huntley's lawyer, Russell Kaplan, had called his sister, Lara Kaplan, to the refugee board panel to testify about a terrifying home invasion attack on their brother in South Africa.

Giving evidence in Huntley's initial application, Lara said the South African police were "corrupt" and in "cahoots with the criminals".

In the latest judgment, Judge Russell questioned Lara's credibility.

In oral evidence to the board, Huntley had told of an attack by the losing team during a game of rugby in 2000 in Cape Town. In his analysis of the case, Judge Russell said: "What is interesting and significant is that the respondent (Huntley) obviously had no fear of playing rugby against an all-black team in a small industrial town as part of a mixed team that had three white players and 12 black players."

Asked whether he was afraid to play a team of underprivileged blacks in an "African area" Huntley had answered : "It depends where."

Huntley told the board of another attack: "Yeah, well my friend and I were at the, like the market you guys have here, we were at our version of the one in Cape Town and we were on our way home in the car and we seen an African trying to what looked like steal the car and we tried to stop him.

"About five of them came out from hiding and I got, my hand got, the palm of my hand got sliced and my friend got stabbed in the buttocks."

The court found there was no evidence to show that the attack was racially motivated.

Said Judge Russell: "There is no evidence that the black perpetrator knew he was trying to break into the car of a white person or indeed that it was a car belonging to a white person. The respondent and his friend came upon a crime in progress, decided to intervene and were just set upon by the gang. That is it."

Speaking after the decision this week, Huntley's legal counsel, Rocco Galati, said he was disappointed that a "selective view" of the matter had been taken.

"I feel it is an exercise in political correctness," he said.

Galati said his client would appeal the decision.

The court's decision compels the board to start afresh with a differently constituted panel. The hearing is likely to happen in a few months.

Huntley will remain in Canada until the finalisation of the legal processes.

Canada should kick political correctness down the road and let this fellow remain in Canada and become a citizen. Indeed Canada should open its doors to many more whites from South Africa. We accept people from every corner of the world as refugees but apparently only if you are of the Politically Correct pigment, that being any shade other than white.

Shame on us, shame, shame on YOU Mr. Kenney.


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